Dutch Woman
Dutch Woman with Candle
Dutch Woman
Screaming Woman
Sleeping Twins
Witch Holding a Baby
Sleeping Twins
Bird Nesting in Skull
Baby Playing with Skull
Dead Bird
Rabbit Hiding in a Graveyard
Scotty Playing with Doll's Head
The Teacher
Sleeping Monkey
Poodle Seated in a Skull
Poppies (2)
Rabbit and Fairy
Dutch Woman with Candle
Death Disguised as a Baby Nurse
Little Girl Wearing Black Gloves
The Perfect Little Girl Who Attracted Flies
The Ride Through Hell
Flies Attracted to a Spring Bouquet
The River
Little Boy Sent to Play at the Edge of a Cliff
The Night
Young Christ Hugging his Teddy for Comfort
Bird Entering A Mirror
Bird Stealing a Flower from a Vase
Shadow of the Black Rose
Errant Ship Following a Land Bird
The Night
My Greatest Fear is that Heaven is a Hugh Disappointment
My Evening's Escort
Night Ryder
Baby Being Tended by a Bird
Infant Sleeping with a Demon
Witch Knitting a Baby Booty (study)
Little Girl Holding Headless Doll
Dutch Hat
Violin Student Abandoned in a Dense Woods
The Sail
The Possibility that Heaven and Hell Are the Same Place
Christ Descending into Hell to Retrieve the Soul of an Unruly Cat
A Young Attractive Woman Sharing Her Love Letters with Her Older Less Attractive Sister
Small Dog Guarding the Entrance to Hell
Terminally Vain Woman Preparing her Wardrobe to Wear into Hell
Little GirlHolding a Doll's Head
Witch Kidnapping A Teddy Bear
Skull Wearing a Baby Bonnet
Death and the Ballerina
Little Girl with Snake Wrapped Around Her Arm
Beetle Drinking Spilled Champagne
Death and the Fairy Princess
Christ in a Heated Discussion with the Easter Bunny
Death and the Fairy Princess
The Night Garden
Witch Dancing with her Cat
Portrait of Lost Scout Wandering a Large Underground Parking Lot
Death Disguised as a Violin Student
The Warm Fuzzy Bunny Who Roams the Collective Unconscious
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