Death Disguised as a Kindly Matron
Death Disguised as a Jolly Snowman
Young Girl Wearing a Cross
The Guide
Drunken School Girl
The Conversation
Dutch Woman
Roses and Beetle
Little Girl Holding Doll's Head
Soldier Frightened by a Bee
Bee Seduced by Flowers in a Vase
Spider Suspended Over a Vase
Sleeping Baby
Sleeping Twins
Bird Nesting in Roses
Black Rose
Sunflowers at Night
Abraham Lincoln Seeking Advice from a Small Talking Dog
The Journey
Beetle Intrigued by a Child's Teaset
Skull Wearing a Baby Bonnet
Tulips at Night
Dahlia and Plaster Cast
Black Tulip
Sunflowers in Vase
Spider Suspended over a Vase
Beetle Crawling into a Baby Shoe
Spider and Black Rose
The Bride of Christ
Woman Hanged by Her Braids
Flowers in Jar
Black Glove and Zinnias
Halloween Roses
Young Girl Holding Stuffed Animal
Crow Stealing a Flower from a Vase
The Quiet Terror of the English Schoolboy
Little Girl Wearing Black Gloves
Young Christ Praying for a Pony
Daffodils in Ginger Jar
Schoolgirl Being Followed by a Stranger
The Second Thoughts of the Third Year Art Student (a self portrait)
The Inner Doubts of the First Communion Girl
Spring Bothered by a Bee
Little Girl Wearing Black Gloves
My Soul is a Sailor
Christ Entering Adolescence
The Perfect Little Girl with One Unruly Curl
Spider Looking at its Reflection in a Lightly-Brewed Cup of Tea
Radishes in a Vase
Lost at Sea
The Inner Isolation of the Girl with Red Hair
Bird Entering A Mirror
The Smiling Widow
Young Child Frightened by a Clown
Bee Seduced by Flowers Painted on a Vase
Snake and Vase
The Poppy Field
The Drunken Schoolgirl
The Religious Woman
Dutch Woman
Children Sleeping in Snow
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